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4 Steps: Time the Real Estate Market to Get Rich [in 2019]

4 Steps: Time the Real Estate Market to Get Rich [in 2019]
What will happen in 2019? Are you timing the real estate market correctly? Or are you hanging your hat on myths, lies, and deceptive statistics? Is there a real …

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  1. Investors are buying and still overbidding in many areas. Fundamentals are in favor of a protracted and slow increase over time. Interest rates are going down, jobs going up, rents keep rising etc. But on the other hand buyer sentiment is down, affordability is down and real estate prices need to adjust to wages but last time we had a wall street problem, we dont have the same issue this time.

  2. I love how you said. This you tube channel is about making money. 👍🏻🤞🏻.. I live how ya take time to explain things in laymans terms.. that I actually shared this vid to a client. Geez your more informative than “gurus” on bloomberg and Biz channels. I’m no longer hedging on ammo, canned food and barbwire. 😂. Thankyou.

  3. Not for nothing but you were likely still in jr high school when the last asset bubble popped. You have not known an economy with normalized interest rates in your adult life your not an expert on this topic at all. A crash is not a 10 percent decrease in prices in certain markets. A crash would be 40 plus percent housing has not even entered a definitive correction let alone a crash or a bear market. Rising interest rates and a liquidity retraction increase purchasing power of the dollar not decreasing your purchasing power boy are u a genius🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ which explains why the dollar has strengthened exponentially since the fed started reducing its balance sheet. Economics 101 increased money supply is the inflation, rising consumer prices are the result. Retraction of the money supply is the deflation dropping asset prices and consumer prices are the result.

  4. Hey kevin I really want to hear your thoughts on the mike maloneys secrets of money, love the videos. I am so glad i found your channel you ve helped to contextulize a lot of the nuances in investing

  5. Kevin, as I stated in a previous video's comment (complete with links), all that needs to happen is a wave of corporate layoffs in order for them to pay for stock buybacks (or pay for higher debt servicing via rising Fed rates). From there, you'll later see a wave of foreclosures. Consumer debt is higher than ever. This time, it's the everything bubble.

  6. You removed the Grant Cardone/flowers video. Did you talk with Grant afterwards?
    I'm wondering if you still are trying to go to the 10X growth con in Februari 2019… Are you allowed to enter this event?
    Greetings from Belgium!!

  7. Please show realistate cycle over last 40 years. If data is not available talk with a successful Real Estate Agents who’ve been in biz for last 40 years. No noobs under 10 years.I’m hearing different info from veterans. Top realitor who sells props over $1.5mm says they’re not even having showings.

  8. Another thing want tk.point out is FED CARE REAL ESTATE VERY MUCH. After 2008 crash, fed intentionally maintain 0 interest rate to reinflate housing price to create so called wealth effect. 5.5% to 6% will kill the housing market. You think current rate back to 4.55% is without FEDs intervention? FED clearly is very worried near 5% mortgage rate will crash the market very soon.

  9. Hi kevin, you are trying to convince the viewer the housing market alreday crashed. The price hasnt dropped much. I think you are implying now is the bottom to encourage buyer to jump in. Nice try.

  10. KEVIN!!! A while ago I wrote a comment talking about how much I wanted to take your online course but that I was broke and couldn’t afford it. I got a job in construction, started to save up money and I’ll be able to afford paying for my real estate classes in a month or two and I’ll also be paying for your course! For the first time in a long time I’m excited for the future!

  11. Hi Kevin, in your previous videos you said this winter would be a good time to buy. Do you still think it’s a good time to buy around January and February?

  12. If you think this summer was s crash what did you call 2008-2011. I like your content but every time you use the term crash for last summers price correction I start to lose faith in your message

  13. Kevin – are you familiar with Ray Dalio and his discussions around short and long term debt cycles? He argues that we're at the end of both of those cycles now, which should mark a relatively severe decrease in asset prices. Would love to hear your thoughts on that.


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