An Important Facebook Decision For Real Estate Agents

The decision we are talking about in this article is not whether or not you should use Facebook to promote your real estate services. We already know that Facebook represents a valuable marketing opportunity, one that you should not overlook. However, we are going to be talking about something of a dilemma in this article – should you use a personal profile to promote yourself as a real estate agent, or a business page? Let’s take a look.

Clearing Things Up

Some Facebook users might not understand that there is a difference between these two options. Assuming you use Facebook for your personal life, your account is one which provides you with a personal profile. The interface that you are used to seeing each day when you log in is your personal profile page and everything that goes with it.

A business page is different. While your business page does need to be connected to your personal profile, it provides you with the opportunity to do some things that simply aren’t possible if you only use a profile.

While it might be obvious already, we can tell you at this point that it is a smart move to establish a business page for your real estate business, in addition to having your own personal page. It’s easy enough to setup your business page, and there are a number of benefits to doing so, which we will discuss below.

A Lot to Gain

Most likely, you already know how personal profiles work on Facebook. So, how are business pages different? For starters, you will be able to be seen in the search results (think Google) when people are looking for real estate agents in your area. There is no guarantee that you will be found this way, of course, but even the possibility is something to keep in mind. Your personal profile is not going to help you be located via search.

Another nice edge in the favor of business pages is the opportunity for past clients to leave reviews. As you know, reviews are a powerful marketing tool, as they provide potential clients with confidence that you are going to be able to do a good job on their real estate transaction. Once your business page is up and running, ask clients to leave reviews so you can build your reputation.

Finally, there are enhanced advertising opportunities which are only available to those with Facebook business pages. If you decide that you would like to invest in your Facebook marketing, you will have the opportunity to do so.

In the end, it’s quite an easy decision to opt for a Facebook business page over your personal profile. You’ll still need a personal profile, of course, which you can use for your normal Facebook routine of following your friends and family. By placing your business content on a separate page, you will give yourself a more professional appearance, and you will be able to reap a variety of advantages due to the way the system works. Success in marketing, and in real estate, comes down to not wasting the opportunities you have to find new clients. Facebook business pages represent one such opportunity, and you should be sure to take it.