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Avoid These 6 Real Estate Mistakes

No business is easy. No matter what field you choose to make your profession, it is sure to have its challenges. If you want to make a significant amount of money and be able to provide for your family, you have to work hard and think creatively along the way. Real estate is no different, as you certainly know if you are already an agent.

With that said, sometimes all you need to do to keep your career on track is avoid making silly mistakes. Plenty of real estate agents make mistakes that significantly decrease their chances of long-term success – and these mistakes can be avoided relatively easily with some planning and attention to detail. Let’s take a quick look at six big real estate mistakes to avoid.

#1 – Being Too Picky

It’s great to sit back and think about the size of the commission you’ll land when selling a million-dollar home, but those deals can be hard to come by. On the other hand, there are plenty of $200,000 homes which need to be sold. There is nothing wrong with striving for the top of the market, but money can be made up and down the spectrum.

#2 – Making Assumptions

Each of your clients is unique. Thinking that you know what someone wants or needs just because they seem similar to your last client is a big mistake. Always ask a lot of questions and draw out information so you can serve your clients as successfully as possible.

#3 – Focusing on You

When you pitch your potential clients, what do you talk about? If it’s all about you, there’s a problem. Rather, your pitch should be all about them – meaning, what you offer that is going to help them in their particular situation. Clients care far less about your background than you might think. They are only concerned with getting a great deal, and it’s your job to explain how that will happen.

#4 – Failing to Have Balance

The previous point was about putting the customer first – and that’s important. But you also need to live your life. If you do nothing but deal with real estate problems 24-hours-a-day, you are quickly going to get tired of the business and you won’t care how much money you are making. Maintaining balance is essential to success in any venture.

#5 – Altering Reality

It’s part of the job to write a descriptive overview of a property when putting it on the market, but don’t walk the line of blurring the truth. Nobody wins when you are deceptive with your advertising practices – whether in terms of photographs or written copy. Be upfront and honest in your approach and both sellers and buyers will appreciate you for it.

#6 – Dropping the Ball

Is your relationship with a client over when all the papers are signed and the deal is done? Hopefully not. Remember, there is a good chance that this client will have another real estate transaction to complete in the future, and you want to be there to serve them when that comes around. Keep in touch from time to time to simply check in and see how things are going. This is an easy task that takes minimal time and can greatly grow your business.


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