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Best Facebook Retargeting Ads Strategy 2019

Steal my top 3 Facebook Retargeting Ads Strategies in this value-packed video. Here’s What I cover… 1. How retargeting ads work 2. My Top 3 Highest …
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Best Facebook Retargeting Ads Strategy 2019


  1. Thanks Billy for such an informative content. had a query regarding re-targeting. We are running retargeting ads but even after that we get new users in our analytics. only 10% of the users are old users. What could be the possible reason ? Are we doing something wrong ?

  2. Is there a contact # to reach you at? Interested in discussing ways in putting together a package to improve / grow my YouTube, Facebook business page and Instagram traffic. Too tedious to sit thru all of the tutorials and figure it all out on my own although i can do it, but too time consuming. Rather have an expert / consultant do it all. Let me know if this is a service you provide. I'm located in Southern Cali (West Los angeles). If this is not a service you provide, please refer me to a business associate. Thank you!!

  3. This is so awesome valuable as always Billy, Thank you for makinh this video 🙂 we so much appreciate your passion of helping us to build our own agency 🙂

    I just want to know. If I just starting new campaign new client new ad to create. Should we do Reach Ad objective or Conversion?

    Or reach ads for retargeting ads?


  4. Hi Billy great video. Love it. Just quick questions:

    1. If you have a very warm audience and choose "Reach" objective. How can you track the conversions in ads manager statistics?
    2. When you do retargeting of 50% watched video audience. Do you put the Ad 1, Ad 2 and Ad 3 under the same Ad set?

    Thank you

  5. awesome value. Just wondering Billy, how long do you wait before running a retargeting ad for a specific campaign. Let's say you just started a new campaign for a client…when would you start retargeting those that visited the landing page for instance? Or is it when there's at least a certain number of people in the custom audience?


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