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Build It | Rough Sawn Headboard

Build It | Rough Sawn Headboard
Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor build a headboard using rustic barnboard. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official …

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  1. All the pallet wood I get is either heat treated or fresh from the mill. Some other fella said something about chemically treated pallets. I don't even think it's an issue. A lot of folks handle pallets all day at their jobs and loads of people build furniture and things with them.

  2. So with your shop outfitted to the 9s with Festcool equipment, you won’t even clean up the edges for decent edge jointing? SMH. Just a big imposter veneer piece, cannot even get a video showing people how to do it right themselves because lord knows you cannot buy anything of decent quality anymore. Also, don’t put your dang finger over the top of the spot you’re shooting a nail into, gonna deflect one through your finger.

  3. Looks "good" (I'm not a fan of the weathered/old look) until the wood expands/contracts seasonally and things start to break. No joints at all here, just glue and brad nails.

  4. Can't clean it so it won't last long. And who wants a dirty smegged up headboard on their bed? Classic case of form over function. Please give us things that are practical. Not this HGTV crap.

  5. Can anyone tell me why my four post bed headboard has two vertical pieces of wood on the back of it? It makes it unsightly to put it in any other position other than up against the wall! I have had two beds like this and searched the internet and YouTube for a picture or an explanation, no luck!


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