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Carpet to Hardwood stairs | The Handyman |

Carpet to Hardwood stairs | The Handyman |
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  1. Nice work, I've done stairs for over 30 years and in most cases the stringers are not square and requires a few trips to the chop saw to get a perfect fit. Also on the bottom run of
    Stairs I would have put a return on the left side .It gives it a better look. Remember to watch for the riser change when putting treads on top of old ones .

  2. Quick question, what’s your thoughts on a Milwaukee digital 12” miter saw. And the Bosch gam 220mmf angle finder? I need a better miter saw and was thinking about getting that saw and angle finder for when I do crown moldings.. suppose to make it simpler.. any thoughts?

  3. Nearly a million views? Can see why ~ giggling! πŸ˜‚ Thats some excellent solid & pretty millwork there. Very impressed that you cut your own treads ~ the grain is lovely. Most people would just schlep to the store for a bland ho-hum stair kit. This looks sooo much nicer! πŸ‘

    (You know what's really tricky to install in a home? A two storey interior metal playground slide. And firemans pole. Maybe a future video?)

  4. One quick tip. If you set your miter saw to a 20Β° compound miter cut, you can over cut the width of each tread just a skosh for a tighter fit. The 20Β° compound cut on each end of the tread will allow the tread to slide in place even though the tread is just millimeters wider. Give it a try!

  5. I did mine and it was a curved stair! Much more challenging. By the time I was done I had figured out the best way to measure and cut the treads to fit exactly, now I've forgotten it all!


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