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Common Mistakes To Avoid Your FIRST Year As A Real Estate Agent

Common Mistakes To Avoid Your FIRST Year As A Real Estate Agent
There are many mistakes people make their first year in Real estate… let’s talk about the biggest 3 to avoid all together! Enjoy www.bcbundle.com – Black Friday …

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  1. Bryan,
    Thanks for this video! I know I am scraping my knees and elbows now…learning how to connect with different people. Having people to cancel the listing appointment after I sent the pre-listing package 📦….but I know a yes is right around the corner!!!

  2. Being strict to a schedule is so necessary. I went home for thanksgiving and I went with an escrow open and 2 serious buyers. I came back soooo complacent. Slept in for 2 days straight didn’t hit my contacts. Momentum can turn so quick.

  3. Great video Bryan! You've replied to my comments on old account "Nomadic Rav3n" I've decided to make this account dedicated to my real estate journey. Anyways, I've started my first class for obtaining my license, I'm loving the learning process. With my situation I'll most likely be taking one class per month, but I'll be job shadowing my local Century 21 brokerage up until I finish my courses. Once I get my budget straightened out (I'm modeling it after your recommendation 55/10/10/10/10/5) I'll definitely be buying your products. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be successful in this business. Now I have pictures of McLaren 720s' all over my phone, my wall, keeping my eye on the prize (well, one of the prizes anyway haha).

  4. I'm having a hard time finding a mentor. I have contacted local brokerages and friends of my family and nothing. Even posted on local communication boards. What else can i do? I don't want to go into real estate blind folded

  5. Is modern success considered a “coaching program?” I’ve been through some coaching sales pitches but just don’t think I can make the financial commitment at this point. In my 4 months in the business I’ve definitely been a dabbler and need to focus in on one system per your advice.

  6. BC…. i fucken love you dude, idgaf if you like it or not. the information you’re dropping on us on youtube is worth far more than money, i truly am thankful for your channel that i came across your channel over a year ago, thank you for everything you do.

  7. Brand spanking new agent. I enjoy your videos! You actually addressed something I was going to do, which was wait and learn to be fully prepared and perfect before heading out into the field. Now I know I must make mistakes and just do it… and stop that fear of feeling unprepared.

  8. It's taken a few times making these mistakes to realize you're not just spewing general info, but specific errors that are truly holding us back. Almost scary to think that we would do some of these things. From a 3rd person perspective it makes no sense

  9. Hey Bryan, I got a question for you about luxury homes. Do you spend a substantially larger budget towards a luxury home vs a standard home? If so how much? I may have my first million dollar listing come up soon but I don’t have 5000 to throw to marketing alone.

  10. Hello Bryan
    I really enjoyed your this video and I have got a enough fucking motivation to start my cold calls and I will turn them in to warm calls. Thank you so much and it’s better to follow you only as you said and you can tell us the current time challenges which the previous mentor can’t now. Also I have a request if you can please share with me some scripts which will help you to get up back on my feet’s that will be really appreciated.
    My email is haris@obg.ae

  11. I'm a newly license agent here in CT….well, technically, in MA….just waiting on my application to be accepted by the RE commission here in CT for my reciprocal license. Anyway, my good friend who's been an agent for 10 years (and he's also my mentor) told me that MANY new agents who get deterred when they get hung up on or have the door slammed in their face fail as agents. Maybe it's because the way my brain is wired, but for me, if I hear a "no", or a "fuck you, no", that just makes me want to move onto the next call/house until I get a yes.

    Love your channel, Bryan. Your content is SUPER helpful. Thanks for putting yourself out there man!


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