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DECORATING YOUR HOME ON A BUDGET | 10 TIPS To Look Expensive On A Budget | Momma From Scratch

How to decorate your home on a budget, making your home look expensive on a budget . I’m share 10 tips on how to decorate and style your home on a budget …

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DECORATING YOUR HOME ON A BUDGET | 10 TIPS To Look Expensive On A Budget | Momma From Scratch


  1. We got our new sectional at big lots for 500 dollars on a sale day. And got a 2 year extended warranty for only $50. Best thing we've done for our home.

  2. I think this may be my favorite of your videos. At least one of my favorites. ☺You seemed to be in your element! Great decorating tips and advice. Thank you! You really have a keen sense for decorating. Your house is beautiful!

  3. Hubby works at IKEA part time. We were in the market for a sofa and I really wanted white. You were one of the deciding factors in buying white and going for it. Im so glad we did! The last set we got was brown and back when we got that I really wanted white but talked myself out of it. What we bought was the Ektorp archair and ottoman and the 3-cushion sofa with chaise. Ive washed the slipcovers a couple ties and theyre awesome! Love your blog.

  4. I have that same Ikea sofa and also the love seat. I love them! I have the cream, tan and gray covers. It's great to be able to switch them out, it's like getting new furniture! I use the cream ones for Spring and Summer, tan for the Fall and gray for the Winter.

  5. I love your tips, I'm in the process of redecorating my 2 bedroom apartment, and I'm not good with matching things up, lol, Thank goodness for your channel. And I have a question on how to fix up a couch that's about 20 yrs old, it's fabric and has 3 huge pillows that go up against the back, and I can't find anything to go over them like a slip cover to match it. I'm desperate for help on redecorating lol, my couch is like a beige yellow or something, and it's got flowers all over it. It's a hand down from my parents and my Mom just recently passed away in April, so I would like to fix it up if I can, Thank you for sharing this video, β˜ΊπŸŒΈπŸ’–

  6. Great tips Emily !
    I always look forward to ur blogs !!
    Did I somehow miss the final reveal on ur kitchen ?? All of a sudden u were talking about flooring and I could kind of see the cabinets in the background but not that well ! Will u be showing ur kitchen again plz ?

  7. I get board with home decor, I want to change for every season and most holidays and it can change from year to year. So I'm with you 100% I don't want to spend a lot when I know I'm going to be changing it sooner than later.

  8. You are so right about apartment painting!!! If painting absolutely out….which I ALWAYS did….but if not option….get a 4'x8' sheet of insulation foam (polystyrene?) at Big Box Hardware store for bout $20 and xxx carefully decoupage paper or an old bedsheet to it covering over front sides and 2 inches over to back dry then paint it however you like and hang with pins.

  9. Emily – love this video.Β  Lots of great ideas.Β  BTW, you have super decorating instincts.Β  I've got so many projects to do, like BR flooring, kitchen remodeling (it's all very old) and I'm going to DIY.Β  So excited cant' wait to get started.Β  You're a great motivator ! ! 😎

  10. I love silicone florals that look and feel real. Also some polyurethane in the bottom of a large or even small vase jar or pot. I own over 100 rental properties in TX and idk what state your in but in TX we cant charge for paint because it’s considered as normal wear and tear. I do ask tenants to notify me if they are going to be painting any color other than earth tones and honestly that’s only a small scare tactic I’ve learned after 15 years! Love your videos!!!!

  11. Thank you for your tip I enjoy it I live in a small unit and is a bit dark and I don't no what plant or decoration to put, you gave me inspiration for change part of my home thank you very much for sharing God Bless you

  12. Just found your site. You have so many great ideas. Would love to see a tour of your whole house and the main rooms. I am in the process of redecorating in a rustic farmhouse style and I have a bunch of things around my house. The problem is, I have trouble thinking of how to put things together. We have to get a new couch and chair for our living room so I think I might take your advice and try ikea.

  13. I disagree with the sofa, but only if it is real leather and a timeless look. We paid 5k for an english style rolled arm sofa TEN years ago and it is holding up strong. I'm not strict about kids eating on the sofa or anything else. And I have no plans for the next 5 or 8 years to replace it! The arm chairs where all bought discounted from wayfair less than $175. Love all your tips & 100% agree with everything else! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• -Megan


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