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Great Agents Do More than Just Real Estate

If you have chosen real estate as your career path, you are probably passionate about the business. You love looking for deals, finding the right properties for your clients, and beating deadlines to get things done. With that said, you don’t want to be all real estate, all the time. Not only could that attitude lead to professional burnout on your end, it might also make it hard for you to attract new clients.

You Have to Relate

Generally speaking, people want to work with a real estate agent they can trust, and one they can relate to on some level. In other words, they want to know that you are a real person. In addition to promoting what it is you do as a real estate agent, you can work other traits into your overall brand to demonstrate the rest of your personality. Whether you were a competitive athlete in a past life, or you have a passion for the outdoors, find ways to work in your personality to the overall marketing message. This will help you to stand out from the field of agents, and it will also give you something to talk about with prospective clients.

Get Involved

By its very nature, real estate is a local business. You are buying or selling actual, physical pieces of property, meaning this business is limited by geographic. In a world where so much can be outsourced to far off places, that is just not the case with real estate. Make this characteristic of the real estate business into a strength by involving yourself in your local community. If you frequently show up at community events, and perhaps sponsor some of them, you’ll become known as an important part of the area.

Make It Authentic

People can see through a phony personality or persona in no time at all. If you are trying to build a personal brand for your real estate business, make sure it is as authentic as possible. Don’t try to put on a façade just for the purposes of building your agency. That isn’t going to work, and you’ll turn off a lot of people along the way. Be true to yourself as you develop a brand that can help you connect with the target audience. You might not be able to put together a successful branding plan in a single day, but stick with the process and you should be able to develop something that is true to you as a person.

You might be tempted to think that prospective clients would be most impressed by the agent who simply thinks about real estate all day and night, with nothing else going on in life. But that doesn’t tend to be the case. More often, people are drawn to those with whom they can relate, which means you should be willing to show off the other things in your life that you like to do or see. Present your true self to the audience and you may be surprised at the positive response you receive.


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