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How To Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy for 2019

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How To Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy for 2019


  1. Hey Tim, I manage full time youtube channels and I found out possible bug about monetization bot, that bot wont allow monetization of channel because no copyright music was being used. I made a video about it on my channel, would be really happy if you would share your opinion on this matter. Thanks!

  2. I've been thinking A LOT about refining my "target audience". Recently YouTube showed me a list of videos which "Esperanto Variety Show viewers also watch." The videos surprised me but I can't find that list again. (Does anybody know how to get YouTube to show us that again?) The results there and some of Renee's comments here has gotten me thinking in terms of shifting (or clarifying) who my target audience is.

  3. Two things I am struggling with are views and subs, on black Friday I spent 7 hours in 29 degree temperature filming what I film (trains) christmas trains for the holidays I have everything perfect the thumbnail the editing and yet I only have 239 views

  4. Hello ! My YouTube channel stopped making money since December 9 and i don't know why and I've not receive any email regarding that .. usually December is the best earnings .. please let me know what's going on ?

    Firstly I was posting my promotional videos that I was making for TV channels in middle East as a portfolio for myself ..

    now I mostly post free videos for video editors as stocks, anyway I've stopped uploading a while ago until I'm done building my studio so I can really make something creative and new ..

    but now I'm in shock and have no idea what happened..
    Please help .

  5. Hello everyone I am CatVlogs, a very small creator, and my goal is to achieve something where I can build up a community. I upload weekly . I hope you enjoy my content and I hope I can make you a part of a community and a happy audience in my channel… thanks for the support.


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