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How to Cut a Pass-Through in a Load Bearing Wall

How to Cut a Pass-Through in a Load Bearing Wall
Ask This Old House general contractor helps a couple frame an opening between their kitchen and living room in a load bearing wall. Click here to SUBSCRIBE …

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  1. An opening of this size can be done with 2×10's or potentially even 2×8's, but if you're not an engineer I get the inclination to more than you need. Also, you should at least check in the basement to see what is supporting your LBW. If it's not a beam or other wall, you've just introduced two point loads onto single joists, which will probably be overloaded otherwise.

  2. So now its just made it more of a lazy mans dream why cant we just get up to look at the kitchen or to grab something now i can just sit my ass on the sofa and do nothing.Now I like how they come up with these prices does it include labor got all these homeowners saying will it only cost 100 dollars right mudding taping n painting ok not even jose from home depot will do it for that price unless u give him a beer keg.

  3. The hubby is going to regret that connection to the kitchen when he's trying to watch the game and she's banging around pots and pans. Or when she's trying to watch the Hallmark Channel and he's banging around pots and pans. I'm not sexist.

  4. I would love ❤️ this done in my house, I have a closed off kitchen to the rest of my house that gets in my nerves. I cane see what the kids are doing unless I get out of the kitchen


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