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How to Market for Pre-foreclosure Properties

How to Market for Pre-foreclosure Properties
I’m going to share with you… How to Market to Pre-foreclosure Properties. Subscribe for my latest training videos! Free 30-Day Pre-foreclosure Leads: …

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Chris Goff


  1. I just had a homeowner call me right before I got this notification. 🙂 following your strategies and so excited to be able to help people in real estate!
    See y’all in Houston!!!

  2. Thank you Chris. I greatly appreciate all the hard work you put into these very informative videos for us.
    Sharing all of this info and for FREE is absolutely amazing.
    You are much appreciated and I hope that you know how much all of us do appreciate You!
    Thank you again!! 🤗

  3. Hey Chris, Great training video, as par. Say, I always hear "percentages" (in reference to home equity, etc.) and since this varies WIDELY nationwide in regard to total $ involved, what would be the approximate "minimum value" (in U$D) or better yet, total ratio of debt and "in arrears" back payments, penalties and/ or taxes, as a "rule of thumb" calculation, perhaps also then inputed into REIpro, to calc when searching for a list of homeowners, etc. to contact.. I see that currently you (and everyone else) has either a basic search by "estimated percentage of equity," or in "$$$. of estimated equity…" but what would be the minimum $ amount to target, for prefores?? (For instance, the median home value in much of Western Cali is 2- 6x more than most of the rest of the country, at between $500k.- $1.5 mil, or higher.)


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