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"How's the Market?" January 2019 | TF + KCM

"How's the Market?" January 2019 | TF + KCM
Starting this week, I’m proud to introduce an all-new, once-a-month show in conjunction with “The Oracle” Steve Harney and the whole KCM Crew. We’re calling …

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Tom Ferry


  1. I am grateful to see Tom Ferry video this morning. This video gave me the power to inspire and share information and restore my confidence in business. I do not have a coach, but always Thank you Mr. Ferry. Please continue to share good information and knowledge.

  2. Hey Tom ! Absolutely love the content youre putting out there! Keep up the great work🔥 Can you please check my DM on Instagram(nexus_08). You said a few days ago that you will try to read it but unfortunately you havent answered yet😉. Wish you an awesome day🚀!

  3. That is funny Tom. I often get that question and most of the time I only use vague numbers I remember reading from the press and my personnal analysis on my local market… From now on I will constantly have some numbers on a PDF in my office so I will be able to be better.
    And now my question : Do you plan on doing some seminars in Europe ?


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