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Interior Design — Must-Know Tips For Decorating With Neutrals & Pastels

Designer Margie Doyle transforms the main floor of an Edwardian home into a bright and airy space with soft colors and luxurious textures. Have a look inside the gorgeous space that’s pretty but not too sweet.

Margie wanted the aesthetic to reflect her client’s personality so she went for a fresh, playful look. She chose pinks, greys and taupes that all have the same undertone to achieve an airy feel, and layered on quiet patterns and texture for visual interest. The kitchen is made for entertaining with a large island that divides it from the adjacent family room. A large, comfortable sofa adds a relaxed vibe to the space, while built-ins showcase thoughtful accessories. Moldings detailed with cashmere grasscloth wallpaper add depth to the dining room.
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Interior Design — Must-Know Tips For Decorating With Neutrals & Pastels


  1. This is my favourite decor of ALL time. Yes. I'm a woman! I watch this video aall the time. Dreaming of how I can copy it when I move to my small villa. Love love love it! ! ( from down under)

  2. To me this design looks kind of tired,still no real statement piece or color or theme,it just plain white to powder white or beige.Nothing wrong with IKEA,i like it!This house just like ikea furniture with crown molding,reupholstered armchairs…..

  3. Beautiful and elegant. Good taste, congratulations classy lady. ( Too many negative comments from envy women, that's a pitty). I wish I could see your master bedroom, most be special. Bless you and thanks for your useful video.

  4. A very beautiful piece of work, each and every things and colors are complimenting each other pretty well, here in my country good interior designing means you put lots of expensive things together without even slight imagination like a fool

  5. Why does she keep saying its not overly feminine? Its patently feminine! It's everything Laura Ashley would want, minus the buttons and bows.. She could have done the exact same room but instead of rose pink, she could have chosen a seafoam green and the results would have been much more gender neutral.

  6. This home is beautiful! Its so cozy and bright and airy , a man could live here a real man is not bothered by a color that sounds so silly this home is Perfection at it best! Stylish, chic, cozy, stunning, clean, organized! Gorgeous dream home!


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