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Interior Design — No-Fail Tips & Tricks For Living Room Decorating

Toronto designer Ali Budd explains how she pulled together a dream room at Elte, and passes on tips for creating livable, inviting spaces.

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Interior Design — No-Fail Tips & Tricks For Living Room Decorating


  1. This is a dream room. It's not a real living situation. In real life with families, you talk about how a room will be used and who is using it. Their concept was living/den for a family, but in reality, I know of no family ( I think adults with kids ) could keep it looking orderly. The thing about these lovely sophisticated dreams rooms is if one or two things out of place, and the mood is ruined. Imagine toys and games and a dog's chew toys in the room…now that is reality! Can't you just picture kids jumping up and down on that big sofa?

  2. I love all the pieces, that stool w/ the zebra print on it is thee perfect touch. Cowhide is in now & I think it pulls in that vibe, amazing job guys 👏🏼🤗🙌🏼💕

  3. So posh…:S I don't get cosy family feeling at all. This looks more like a room where kids can absolutely not go. Lots of glass and expensive looking materials. I can see a married lawyer couple living there…


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