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INTERIOR DESIGN: Simple and EASY House HACKS | 5 Decorating and Organizing Tips!

INTERIOR DESIGN: Simple and EASY House HACKS | 5 Decorating and Organizing Tips!
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  1. Even more than a hand vacuum I love a good quality air purifier/ionizer. Really don't need the vacuum nearly as much with the air purifier collecting all the micro-fine particles, pet dander/fur, and random debris. Honestly does most of the work for you. =^_^=

  2. There are several components to techniques to de clutter fast . One place I found which successfully combines these is the Nilah declutter tips (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the best plan that I've heard of.look at the extraordinary information .

  3. As a person with cats, yes, a hand vac is a necessity! Great for simple little clean up, or picking up the dry food that might get flung about. Or even small tufts of pet hair. I swear by it.

  4. Hello there! Well, my favorite tip is the hand vacuum….since I live in Greece and we don't really want to use the air conditioning, our windows are constantly open from May to October….you cannot even imagine how much dust is in my house….the first thing I do is to have a quick cleaning of my surfaces of my living room every morning (it doesn't take more than 10 minutes) and, secondly, I use the hand vacuum at least three times a day for the floors, mine comes with extensions and extras, so it's really easy to do it. After every meal I vacuum around the table and before we go to bed I use it in the living room for a quick one. I just spend 5 minutes every time I use it, and since I have a 5 year old young boy in here, I have to do it. But it's part of our routine now, and I am ok with it…. ( plus, I teach him how to do it, so he will be vacuuming from now on 😉)

  5. GREAT IDEAS; LOVE YOUR STYLE…did you go to school for interior deco? We live in a development where all the houses look alike more or less; culdesac, some garages in the front; some in the back of the houses; We have a lot of space outside; like almost an acre; I love the tuscany; farmhouse, shabby chic, look; if that makes sense? I like things around me but organized and clean crisp; can you give me any ideas please on how to deorate small home? We have a downstairs; unfinished; with the cement brick exposed; beautiful space; just do not know where to begin to make it more cozy comfortable; the beams are exposed.something we can do that is not so expensive;

  6. It's kinda sad when a grown-ass woman needs a man to handle the itsy bitsy spider. I also think it's cruel to kill them just because you don't like how they look. Why not just catch them and release them outside?

  7. "hopefully they go to die in there,and hope they don't build a colony lol lets not talk about it".. I was dying laughing because that is what i would think too!! ugh i hate spiders!

  8. I just got engaged last month and something I've been thinking about is who will get rid of the bugs when we get married and move in together. We both hate bugs and run in the opposite direction when we see them. The hack to vacuum them up with the hand held vacuum is GENUIS! You just solved a problem I had no solution to for the longest time! Also, I just discovered your channel today(while searching for tips/hacks for my wedding) and I love your videos!


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