Is Your Work Over When Papers Are Signed? Not Even Close

Moving homes is a big challenge. Anyone who has moved from one home to another can speak to just how much work this process can be. As a Real Estate Agent, you don’t necessarily have to be involved in the move – after all, the deal is closed at this point, so shouldn’t you just be moving on to your next client? Not necessarily. By sticking with your clients through the move and offering them the help they may need shows you are willing to go the extra mile to serve. That’s something that won’t be forgotten, and it could go a long way toward earning you valuable referrals.

With all of that said, your job as a Real Estate Agent is not necessarily to box up items and driving moving trucks. So, how can you help? Check out the ideas below.

Laying the Groundwork

Your role in the actual move starts well before moving day arrives. As you work on staging the home to hit the market, explain to your clients that the staging process can basically serve as a preliminary move. This is a great chance to get rid of things that you no longer need, or to maybe put some items in a storage unit during this transition phase. Then, once the house sells and it is actually time to move out (and into a new place), some of the work will already have been done.

Recommend Quality Providers

It’s possible that your client will ask for recommendations with regard to things like storage facilities and moving services. You are a logical person to ask, of course, since you work in real estate and frequently deal with people who are moving homes. With that said, don’t just toss out the names of businesses you have seen in the area. Make sure you are recommending quality services that you trust to do a good job for your clients. Making a bad recommendation, even if you had the best of intentions, it going to make it less likely that referrals will come your way.

A Quick Check-In

You don’t necessarily need to do a lot in order to leave a good feeling in the mind of your client. For example, on moving day, consider placing a quick phone call just to ask how things are going and if your client needs any help with anything. Most likely, things will be moving along fine and they won’t require any assistance. But even if you don’t provide anything after the phone call, just the act of checking in is going to show that you are paying attention and haven’t forgotten about them as a client.

The best plan when it comes to moving day is to customize what you offer each client based on your relationship with that client, and what you think they will need. In the end, the key here is to continue serving your clients even after you’ve closed a deal and secured your commission. Yes, you can say that your job is done, but that isn’t going to help you stand out in a crowded real estate field. To gain a slight edge over some of your competitors, stay with it and make sure your clients move in to their new properties successfully.