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It’s All About Your Audience

Everything you do in business should keep your audience in mind. Who are you trying to serve, and how are you trying to serve them? It doesn’t matter if you are a real estate agent or any other kind of professional – knowing who you are trying to serve is a huge part of making your business work.

Unfortunately, real estate agents often lose track of who they are trying to serve. Instead of searching for a specific kind of client, and then finding that same type of client over and over, some agents wind up just hoping to find any kind of client they can land. If you allow yourself to get somewhat desperate as an agent, you’ll lose your identity and struggle to gain traction in the market. Let’s look at some keys to keep in mind to make sure you are focusing on your audience.

Them, Not You

When crafting any kind of marketing message, remember that your goal is to speak successfully to your audience. That means you should be talking about them, not you, in most cases. Sure, you’ll want to touch on your qualifications and experience, but you should not be the focus. Rather, the goal is to talk about what your potential client needs. What problem do they have, and how can you solve it?

A great example of this is for an agent who is dedicated to serving first-time homebuyers. Someone in this category is going to have different needs from the buyer who has been through the process several times. A first-time buyer will probably need to have some basic questions answered, and there will be a lot of ‘hand-holding’ along the way. The agent who successfully addresses these concerns in an advertising message is more likely to land the job.

Learn from Others

It would be a mistake to copy the advertising used by another agent for your own purposes. You should never copy the work of others, and you have your own unique agency to promote, so a copy/paste approach wouldn’t be logical. With that said, there is a lot to learn from simply reviewing what kind of online marketing exists for real estate agents at the moment. What do you like about what other agents are doing? What do you think they could do better? Learn from others – both their strengths and weaknesses – and craft your own message to target your audience successfully.

You are going to have to get a little bit creative in order to connect with your ideal market. Also, you’ll need to be willing to go through some trial and error until you find the right ‘voice’ for your message. It needs to be a voice which rings true to the type of clients you have in mind. You probably aren’t going to land on this voice on your first try, so don’t get frustrated if you need to go through a few revisions before the results start to roll in.


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