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My First Year Earnings As A Real Estate Agent [ACTUAL NUMBERS]

In this video, I’m showing the real dollar amount of money that I made in my first year as a real estate agent. I show you the actual figures and transactions I did how much the properties were, and also how much money I made.
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My First Year Earnings As A Real Estate Agent [ACTUAL NUMBERS]


  1. And people have the nerve to not want pay us….People don’t understand how we get paid…..I have clients say to me how much you making off this deal 6 percent? They even say I don’t want to pay your salary…….. When I explain to them they say oh…. I didn’t sell a house My first year. However I had my best year last year!!! I completed 30 transactions most of which I listed. So God is blessing me to do real estate….I’m expecting to learn more and sell more this year!!! Thank You for your channel!!!

  2. How tf do you do even one deal? I'm not a hater and don't want to be but envy is a bitch. The jealousy is real. I can't even get someone sold on a fucking rental and when I do they vanish right before completing the application!!! This business is making me hate people

  3. Not everyone can become the Ryans Serhants of the world. And that is totally ok. Don't take me wrong. Dude is great! Great agent, great videos. But all that is a fairy tale compared to the rest of the world. I believe that when it comes to your career as long as we are doing honest work, learning and making a living even if it is just keeping our heads above water I consider it a win. I live in Brazil one of the poorest places on Earth where more and more people every year are living in what is called below the poverty line. I am in sales too (education) and because of my work I am not rich but I have a roof and food. That's all good! Cheers man.

  4. Just finished my 5th year and it was awful, had to change things up but 2019 looking up. My third year 2016 I killed it, now I’m at a small broker & zero over head. Hardest part is finding nee clients consistantly

  5. Thank you for doing these videos. I love your energy, enthusiasm, and straight forwardness. I'll be retiring from my first career in September 2020 (I'll be 38) and have been leaning very hard toward a career in real estate. I've only lived in my current area for a few years and I'm kind of a shut in most of the time (or out of town for work). I've been obsessively watching videos from big and small names in the real estate space. The reason I want to get into real estate is because I want to help people find financial stability through home ownership. I recently purchased my first home, since I finally know where I'm going to be settling down at for the long haul, and have always viewed paying my own mortgage far more fiscally responsible than paying someone else's. I feel like this belief will allow me to be genuine with potential buyers, but I also want to be able to provide a comfortable living for my family (from what I hear, that means I should be focusing on the listing side of the business). I'm about to get started on the course work required to sit for the licensing exam and am curious if you or any of your viewers have any tips for starting out on a part time basis to try to gain some experience before I am in a position to go full time.

  6. Stumbled across your channel as I am interested in obtaining my license within a few months. I currently work full-time and have a family to support so I can't leave my current job at the moment. My plan is to obtain my license and work part time as a real estate agent until I can transition to being full time. Am I being unrealistic with this plan as I am only going to sell on a part time basis? I don't even know if this is worth pursuing as I need a steady flow of income for family.

  7. You carry yourself well and have a great being. Things will happen for you. I am sure they already have considering its 2019. I love people that are going out there and making it happen instead of making excuses. Props to you and all the hustlers.

  8. I got my license oct 2018 I just got my first deal dec. 26 2018 we are closing Feb 15 2019 purchase price of $136,900 I've watched a lot of your videos and they have help keep up the great work

  9. Thank you so much. I appreciate your honesty and sharing this info with everyone. Hope you’re doing better. You seem like you have knowledge as well as being a nice person on your side. Good luck.

  10. 00:3000:56 is just more evidence suggesting that a 100% commission RE salesperson role is not sustainable. The Redfin Brokerage Model is not only better for buyers/seller its better for the agents as well. Yeah the psychopathic super stars won't make as much money, but the honest and service oriented agents won't have to run around and hustle for peanuts.

    Redfin Brokerage charges sellers a flat rate (which is much lower than current industry standards), and the seller's agent receives a bonus per sale linked to the quality of service rather than the sales price. This bonus is awarded in addition to a fixed annual salary.


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