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One-Pot Vegetarian Meals

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One-Pot Vegetarian Meals


  1. I made the Swedish Meatballs. They were good! I'd add thyme with the rosemary. Not vegan or vegetarian, just trying to find more plant based recipies. I will make this again and tweak it. Thanks!

  2. I have been looking for a vegetarian channel..I watch a lot of vegan channels and none of the dishes looks so delicious like this. I have been vegetarian off and on…but this time i am staying vegetarian.I was rasied to eat all of the vegetable and i love them all….., but since I am vegetarian now I can't think of any thing…duuuuuh…when i come home from work..its driving me to eat chips….thanks for this channel…because i am having a hard
    time fixing meals and i love food with flavor…or i skip meals which is not good…thank god i take a multi vitamin…i am trying..now i have to stop and start this video…thank you so much…; 0 )

  3. I will soon start to make a series on my channel about eating vegetarian at fast food places and advice for the first few weeks. so sorry to promote myself on this video but subscribe to get on that. lots of love and thank you

  4. Eggs are vegetarian, people. Most eggs you get in the store are not fertilized eggs. A hen can lay an egg without a male impregnating her, so you're not eating a chick. But…whatever floats your boat, I guess.


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