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Realtors Will Help The Bubble POP – Prices Will DROP

Why aren’t prices falling? Why aren’t people listing their homes? I think it is easy to see why. But it won’t last too much longer.

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Realtors Will Help The Bubble POP – Prices Will DROP


  1. Property Tax in Vancouver : could you contact Paul Sullivan
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    about property tax and explain to us if there is a consequence for the owners to see the price of houses go up so high ?
    I stayed at the following principle: you have a house valued at 400 000 you pay 1% or 4000 per year of taxes …
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  2. Always appreciate these videos.. Do you think cities surrounding Toronto, say within 1-2 hours (I live/work in Niagara region) will follow very closely to the drops in the Toronto market? Or would you expect a delay of some kind? I've commented before about how wartime homes in my city are selling for 300-400k, arguably double what they're "worth" because buyers from Toronto are buying down here with a fraction of the profit they made on their Toronto home sale. I've seen so many people I know buy property in the last 2-3 years and idk how they can justify it to themselves, you just don't get a lot for your money right now. Fingers crossed that there's a hard and heavy drop en route throughout Ontario

  3. Property prices in some markets are very sticky and don't fall much. Instead, analysts use the yardstick of time to clear unsold inventories of developers to measure the extent of the bubble. Here is a link that shows 90 to 100 months (yes, months) to clear unsold inventories in major provinces of Thailand.

  4. Good vid. I’m a Realtor and I felt the bubble starting to pop in Sept and the numbers now support it. We’re overdue for a correction. I now price listings based on current listing competition, not past sales

  5. One thing I completely agree with you, Daniel. The bubble will burst when your channel will be viewed by majority of Canadians. They just don't know it should burst…You need to tel them, each of them:)

  6. I plan to wait 2 – 4 years or even longer if necessary. Strange thing is at the bottom, very few people want to buy. My friends didn't want to buy in 2011 or 2012 even they were in good financial position. They would wait until 2015 and 2016. It seems many people only want to buy when everyone is buying. But I still managed to encourage a friend who ended up buying in 2012 so I felt good about that.

  7. Good Vid Mr Fist. lol. The expectation is that credit will dry up as prices drop. Our whole economy – the TSX and the CAD is dropping, so I expect we will get trudie's immigration sell out full blast as our markets drop. Only criminals from "sh*t hole countries will have the cash to move here…and he just opened the door wide open to vacuum them in.

  8. I don't think desperate people that have to sell are gonna appear like a red flag sale….most of those sellers are always out there. They have to be sniffed out. Just because they are desperate doesn't mean they aren't hopeful.

  9. The layoffs are starting, they will peak in 2020. Speculation + job losses has never been good for housing. Right now, I'm seeing about 50% of the homes being built/bought are going to speculators who bought in 2016/2017. These speculators are renting out $800k houses for $1800/month, which assuming $200k downpayment means they are losing about $1600/month. The speculators are holding on for dear life hoping the market will turn around in a year or two, because they are underwater big time. I'm not sure how long they can rent out at a loss, when they start going bust it's going to be bad.

  10. Do you think the surrey market will still have the same effect? I have been trying to buy a 1 bedroom condo in surrey and it has been selling above asking price, around 1 to 2 year old with 300k range

  11. Forma.. this video should of been put out months ago as everyone now is aware prices are not what they were at peak prices. You sir are late. As you said vancouver is in the leg downnn portion in the market. But, it's just not quite what you hoped for with this massive drop off..40% correction. This is the leg down portion now. Maybe 10% max to go depending on location. Vancouver is one stubborn expensive beast.

  12. In Toronto it doesn't feel like major correction, New developments are asking more than current inventory prices based on expected prices at delivery time. They are not offering major discounts or incentives. I like your comments based on research, If possible can you give your viewpoint on pros and cons of purchasing commercial vs residential property for investment purposes.

  13. Nice video Daniel. 2019 is definitely the year that these real estate markets worldwide start heading down. The gathering storm cannot be ignored. The smart money got out 12 months ago. Now it’s a matter of patiently waiting.

  14. I guess I didn't realize I was a "normie:… you know, actually researching the market without thinking about doing ANYTHING without moving…. Wow. Do people actually not know what they screwed themselves into, or are they waiting for someone to hold their hair back when they spew, not knowing that they are ready to barf?!??

  15. My experience from Spain is the proper market who will force them to loose expectations.
    RE is very illiquid , take time for the sellers to get a client .
    The force ones (debt, loose job, death…) who need quick sell , will be the ones who drive the prices down .

    Now we need to wait until families start to fail payments and banks close the renegotiate options.

    That will be the key for quick drops .

    Let's wait and see

  16. All true, but I scan Vancouver realtor videos from time to time looking to see if they are in fact changing their tune, and from what I've seen it's still something like "the market has shifted" type stuff. Yes, better than FOMO but still obviously not clear enough. Nevertheless, there are quite a few price reductions happening, as per this site. https://myrealtycheck.ca/


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