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TASTY CURRY CHICKEN | Easy food recipes for dinner to make at home – cooking videos

TASTY CURRY CHICKEN | Easy food recipes for dinner to make at home – cooking videos
Written: https://goo.gl/Kgqhhg Tasty food recipes for dinner. how to make snacks and cooking recipes for begginers and kids. Curry chicken recipe. Very easy to …

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  1. It came out amazing could use a bit more curry powder I think but I added rice to mine Haha and props to the cook for making something of your own even if it's not "curry" thanks for the recipe

  2. Wow I
    Made it today and my hubby loved it , that’s all that matters to me!!! Ps: I did add cumin powder ,hot red pepper flakes , half and half , cream cheese and cherry tomatoes on top
    Of the tomato juice I used instead ..👍🏻

  3. Brilliant. Maybe I would put a bit more flavour here and there, and I cooked the chicken a bit longer, but this is just one of the best videos on cooking Ive ever seen! I cannot praise the way this is presented highly enough! Exactly what people like me are looking for! Respect 🙂

  4. James Bailey. You'd be surprised what professional chefs put in their dishes to achieve the results they want. I've been putting half a teaspoon of marmite in my gravy for years, but only recently saw a TV chef so just that, I thought he's stolen my idea! BTW ketchup is tomato sauce! Don't confuse tomato sauce/ketchup with blended tomatoes! Only a small amount of these things are used to gain balance really.

  5. I made this last month and it was great. Of course I added a lot more seasoning though. I have a friend coming over today and he asked me if I could make this for him again. To me that screams winner.

  6. Very nice for a simple curry, but completely different to my version which is faster cheaper and tastier
    First make a quick paste with 1/4 onion chillies ginger and garlic equal quantities and lemon grass blend with a little oil than fry off in a hot pan lower the heat add some pre boiled skinless thighs (£1.65 from aldi for 1kg don't worry about bones they'll pop out )add curry powder madras maybe turmeric garlic powder Garam masala and toss the chicken about in the paste and spices than add a can of coconut milk stir bring to the boil then simmer finally add a chicken stock cube sliced onions and more of the same spices leave on top of the sauce do not stir and leave to simmer when the curry comes to a consistenty you want in my case thick ish THAN STIR the spices if the liquid is too thin the stirring of the spices left on top will thicken it up for you if too thick add a bit of water bit don t go mad give it a good final stir and serve add chopped fresh coriander if desired and pilau rice poppadoms whatever fixing you like and enjoy
    Try it see what you think and get back to me

  7. This ia such a "white soccer mom" recipe. Tomato sauce instead of fresh crushed tomatoes? Store bought curry power instead of grinding up your own spices? Cook the chicken in the sauce without browning it for flavor first? Cream…okay sure but coconut milk in curry is way better. Well, I know im hating but I guess this recipe is for the most basic of basic stay at home mom cooks.

  8. LIFE HACK As mentioned in the video: “to cook on high for 2 minutes” -> this will give you hard chicken and won’t be easy to cut. If you want smooth chicken that’s way easier to cut then cook the curry on medium heat for 10 mins. Even low heat works. It will turn out to be soft chicken that’s easier to cut even with your fingers.

  9. You should let the onion get gold in colour then add the onion. Then ofcourse add cubed tomato. The point is to get a nice gravy with almost caramelized onion, then add the curry and afterwards the chicken. I understand this should be kept simple, but if you want to eat good, you need a little bit more effort, min 45 mins


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