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The Most Neglected Home Maintenance Task | THE HANDYMAN |

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The Most Neglected Home Maintenance Task | THE HANDYMAN |


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I only have one filter in the house, but I keep 2 spare filters on hand. My change reminder is set for every 3 months. Maybe that's my area (southern California)? Does it need to be changed every month or only if I'm running my central HVAC consistently?

  2. 1- 20×25 3M Filtrete 1085 red packaging micro allergen extra filter ceiling mount. Carrier heat pump with built in dehumidifier.

    My system is 9 years old and runs quiet and beautifully. I exchange the filter every 3 months and I have zero lint dust floating in the air. Super clean home, super dry air.

    What is it about the filter buy filter that would perform better, cost less and pull air easier through than the 3M filter I’m using?

    The Filter Buy would need to out-perform what I’m using in every category to consider a look.

    And I couldn’t find a “Merv” labeled anywhere on the packaging on my filter.

    I will say this much, once I get my garage built, you can bet a dollar I’ll be trying out this “Filter Buy.” You nailed it on the head for me when you said it’ll pull the paint out of the air. And what you’re doing with those box fans and filters is awesome! I’m going to steal your idea and hang four of those.

    I have to admit, I’m impressed in your selectivity in what you’re willing to advertise and the reasoning behind it. It makes me believe what you are saying about this filter is genuine because you are already using them.

    Thanks!… and your videos are inspirational!

  3. I have one merv 11 filter same size as the one in your video up in my attic. and 1 14x25x1 filter in my hallway. I change the merv 11 once a year and the other small one once a month. and it gets really really dirty with very small fine particles. I have a very dusty house.

  4. I only have one filter on the furnace in the basement, a 20x25x1. The furnace is a Carrier and it is original to the house, which was built in 1965. Every winter I stress that it is going to go out on me. It did go out once, and I was able to fix it, but it took about a week figuring what was wrong and getting an old gas valve from a furnace junkyard. I froze my a** off, but I was too stubborn to give up and call an HVAC guy, lol.

  5. I have two filters that are different sizes and both are in the intake vents. Just pop them open, slide the filter out, slide the new filter in and you're done. I live in the country and have fields around me full of wheat, sorghum, hay, peanuts, cotton and corn, Lots of harvest dust and pollen in the air so my filters get changed every two to three weeks. By changing them a little more often than normal saves me lots of misery with my allergies and lowers my heating bill by about $50 a month.

  6. 0 filters. Which is because I have no HVAC system. Which is because I live in Guadalajara, Mexico and the weather is pretty nice here most of the year. Lends itself to some awesome power bills too :).

  7. I have a big box of filters ready to go for winter, only need one size though. It seems like my furnace always stops working because the flame sensor has oxidation. I don't know if spending the $6 on a new one would help but I just clean it and it works for a while…

  8. Hi Handyman. Quick question do you need to change the filter every month? I see some filters from honeywell that say up to 90 days. Are those good? I have 1 filter for my whole house.

  9. Another tip to bring up dryer filter and vents. Big fire hazard. Friend house burn to ground. Took 2 1/2 years to get house rebuilt. Contractor was fired and I finished hit. He was later aressted and went to jail.

  10. I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada, where it gets really frickin cold 😨 i forget all the time to change my filter, I have the same huge filter the handyman shows..a 20 x 25 x 5” and I think the worst part is the cost makes me want to forget lol, for a block of cheap cardboard and basically screen cloth…and here in Canada it costs over $45 per filter, the best is a 3M filtrate filter, to be changed out every 2 months, ..that’s $270.00 a year.! Ouch 🤑😰 but here you need it changed regularly, especially if you are doing Reno’s on your home constantly ..or have dogs, cats or even just kids!

  11. We have two filters, both the same size, mercifully. Filterbuy sounds great, but we switched to the blue washable units without a frame, and they are working well. The HVAC guy out here said they'll filter better if I use some sort of spray on filter-booster, which he said is unscented Aquanet hair spray. I have not gone there yet. I'd love to hear more about that.

  12. 2 quick thoughts. Love that you are supporting made in America. Second lots of these guys have merchandise. You should figure a way to make those filter fans like an actual product and put your name on it. A "the handyman" original product. I would buy a couple.

  13. Only one filter in our house and I've got the change date entered as a recurring reminder in Google calendar.

    I hate to disagree with you on my first comment (although I've watched a slew of your videos) but I think the most neglected home maintenance task is more likely water heater maintenance. If that's something you do, I'd sure like to see a video on how to do that.

  14. Email me I have a great story and pictures of the effects of neglected Maintenance to gas furnace property Management company got angry that I actually gave it a total service after they just wanted a new filter I didn't even charge them to service, but I was afraid to even do that let alone operate it the roll back alone not only chard the access door but the closet door as well


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