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The Power of Facebook Advertising Explained for 2019

Ever heard of Wish? The shopping app?

Wish is an app started by engineers who worked at Google on the AdWords product.

They’re doing billions of dollars in sales … and I genuinely believe they’re the only conceivable threat to Amazon today.

How’d they do it?

They spent nearly 100% of their money on Facebook and Instagram advertising.

In this video, I talk more about how to run ads on social, building brand, and the bigger mistakes most companies are making on Facebook.

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The Power of Facebook Advertising Explained for 2019


  1. Holy shit man. This is the Gary I like to see not that type that constantly tells people how to live their lives and cusses all the time to be relatable to the younger demographic.

    I want to see more of the Gary.

  2. I’ve used Wish before.

    They sell products that resemble other brands. Knock offs.

    A Bell and Ross watch costs $50 on Wish.

    An Apple Watch costs $70.

    This app won’t last long.

  3. I like the nuggets of knowledge he gives away, but I think he talks to much about unnecessary things. Here's my nuggets of knowledge: do video ads and get the audience to see quite a bit, then retarget with call to action.
    You can target employees of companies. e.g. "Make sure your head of HR knows…" and they will forward it to them.

  4. I like to listen to Gary. It is good to train my english, I like what he says about motivation, it helps me to improve my life personally and profesionally, but man…I hate ads. I block them all, no matter what, where, when, so I wanted to hear from the other side. What is the thing with ads? What is the deal? What is the pleasure? What/why ads make people so excited to work on them? I'm not the kind of person that buys something only because it popped out on the screen, interrupting my experience in a website, while I was playing a game or watching a video. I only buy what I need, when I need.

  5. Great content but let's be as real as he says he is. From the neck down, he looks like a teenage skater dude. Come now, that look is intentional and not as real as other aspects of himself.


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