The Ultimate Content Goal – Going Viral

When you take the time to create something which you then share to social media, you obviously hope it will be seen. You didn’t spend time on that piece of content for no reason – you want it to attract attention, inform people in some way, and hopefully drive new business when all is said and done. Even if a modest number of people enjoy your content, that can probably be considered a success.

But what if it goes viral? That’s the ultimate goal, and even just a single viral piece has the potential to change the profile of your business as a whole. Of course, creating something that even has the potential to go viral is not easy, and then you’ll need to be a little bit lucky on top of that hard work. We’d like to offer a few tips on how you can position your content to have a chance at this ideal outcome.

Make a Connection

An article about the current status of the local market – pricing trends, inventory levels, etc. – is highly unlikely to go viral. Is that kind of information important in the real estate world? It sure it. But it isn’t going to make people feel anything, and it isn’t going to make a meaningful connection. It will just be a list of statistics that can help when deciding how much to offer on a property, but it isn’t going to be a story worth sharing.

So, it’s likely that you will need to go in the other direction to take aim at a viral post. For example, maybe you could highlight a local project that helps people in financial distress secure a place to live. That would be something that people could feel good about, and they may be motivated to share it as a way to promote the cause. This is just one simple example, but you should get the idea regarding what it is that people tend to share.

Give It a Chance

It’s not only the quality of your content that is going to impact how many people view it, but also how you choose to distribute that content across the web. If it simply goes up once as a Facebook post and that is the end of it, you may not get the kind of traction you expect. It could be that the time was just wrong, and not many people even saw your post on their feed before it moved down the page. Once you have created a piece of content that you believe has the potential to attract a big audience, it’s important to give that piece a good chance to succeed. Distribute it across numerous channels and make sure to repost it as necessary to maximize exposure.

The reality is the vast majority of your content is not going to go viral – and that’s okay. You shouldn’t expect to have viral posts on a regular basis, and you might not ever have one that truly reaches the viral level. With that said, you can use the ideas behind going viral to improve your content and provide more value to your audience.