Home Around the Home The Weekender: "Bon Voyage Messy Garage" (Season 2, Episode 3)

The Weekender: "Bon Voyage Messy Garage" (Season 2, Episode 3)

The Weekender: "Bon Voyage Messy Garage" (Season 2, Episode 3)
If you have a garage, you know how much of a junk magnet it can be. This week, Monica helps Jesse & Alex sort through the piles and give everything a place …

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  1. You and that horrid wife treated Alex like crap. I usually love your vids but this one was a low point for me. Alex should have told both of you to F__K OFF!
    A garage is one of the spaces of the home that emasculating wifey should stay aeay from.
    Matt is hot AF

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  3. Vinyl in a garage?! Common Lowe's ! Car tires, road salt etc is going to tear that vinyl right up and it will need trashing in 2 years if they are lucky. Monica threw away those crates and bought new ones? Wasteful! Other than that the organization is great

  4. Move the workbench, cabinet and white rolling cart up to the back and uhhh… park your car in the garage. The wood storage box need not be so bulky. A stationary wall mount would suffice. P.S. White tool cart? Are you out of your mind? Lowe's sells epoxy. Vinyl is an injustice. Nice cubbies. Amazing bench.

  5. I love watching your videos but I really wish you would not show the finished room at the beginning of the video. I really love trying to put together everything in my mind and see how she puts pairs each project. I hate having to skip the whole beginning and miss the intro just to avoid ruining the surprise.


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