To Keep the Clients Coming, Social Media is Key

We have a quick question for you – where do you find new clients?

That might sound like a simple question, but for many agents, the answer is not so clear. Sometimes, real estate agents will just sort of float through their business, hoping to have clients find them through friends and family, via their website, or just by chance. Of course, that doesn’t sound like much of a marketing plan. Your real estate agency is a business, and it needs to be treated like one if you are going to have any kind of meaningful success.

One way you can potentially build a consistent flow of new clients is through social media. By using social media effectively, you will make it easier for potential clients to notice what you have to offer. While your social media activity probably should not make up the entirety of your marketing plan, it can play a sizable role.

Huge Potential

The first reason to use social media to market your real estate efforts is simply the size of the social media world today. Millions of people access their social media accounts on a daily basis, and many of those people are sure to be located in your local area. All real estate agents know that this business is built on having personal connections with those in the region, but it can be hard to make meaningful connections in a busy world. By using social media, you can engage yourself in the digital community with the hopes that those engagements will turn into real world business.

You Don’t Have to Be Everywhere

There are a lot of social media platforms to pick from when you decide to use this method of marketing for your business. It’s important to know that you don’t need to use each and every one of them – only the ones which seem to be a good fit for your local area. Three of the major players that you should consider are, of course, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook deserves your attention because it is the giant in the industry. It’s likely that almost everyone you know is on Facebook, so starting there is completely natural. With Twitter, you can post short messages and links quickly, so you might find it effective for getting out the word on a new listing. Instagram is centered on images, which makes it another good fit for real estate agents. When you take a couple pictures of a property you are listing and want to get them out to the world, Instagram makes it easy.

Consistency is Key

Too many real estate agents get excited about taking on the social media challenge, post a bunch of times in the first couple weeks – and then give up on it entirely. It takes time to grow your social media presence, so this is not something that you should expect to happen overnight. If you are going to successfully use social media to find more clients, be committed to this strategy for the long haul. Over time, you will gradually learn what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to engage your local audience effectively.