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Twitter Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2018: A Quick Twitter Tutorial for Beginners and Business

These 12 simple Twitter growth hacks will 10x your Twitter followers, retweets and overall engagement.

Here are the 12 twitter marketing tips that will dramatically boost engagement.

#1 Like tweets as often as possible

This one of the Twitter basics that we all need to do. It only takes a couple of minutes each day to like 30+ tweets of other profiles. This is one of the best Twitter tricks used by the pros.

#2 Like tweets that have hashtags of your target audience.

This is where you go from a Twitter for beginners tutorial and make your way to the advanced section. Since my target audience on Twitter is bloggers, I focus on the #blogging.

#3 Like Twitter tweets that have mentions of Twitter users that have a similar audience to yours.

This is another one of the many Twitter marketing tips that the pros live by. All you have to do is perform a search for the username and then go through and like those tweets.

#4 Create a Twitter list of people to target.

This is a great way to get more Twitter followers. As you add people to your list, they are going to get a notification showing that you added them to a list. Most will return the favor by following you.

#5 Email your list and let them know you will retweet any nice mentions.

This is one of the most effective Twitter strategies out there. It drives engagement and gives you a bunch of testimonials to use.

#6 Pin your best tweet to the top.

From all the Twitter tips and tricks in this video, this is probably the easiest to implement.

#7 Embed your tweets at the bottom of blog posts.

If you are using Twitter for business, then this is a great way to increase Twitter engagement.

#8 Pin Twitter card to profile.

This is another great social media trick that will get people to engage with your Twitter profile.

#9 Create image quotes to tweet out.

This has been one of the top Twitter marketing tips for many years now, and it continues to pay dividends.

#10 Place links 25% of the way into your tweet.

This will help your tweets drive more clicks.

#11 Talk about Twitter in your tweets.

People love to retweet anything about Twitter.

#12 Tweet infographics often.

There are few tweets that drive engagement like the infographic tweet.

I hope you have enjoyed all 12 of my favorite twitter marketing tips and tricks.
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  1. Choose your hashtags carefully and remember not to put too many in to each tweet.

    One or two hashtags are the optimum amount to make sure your tweet gets noticed, without overloading or diluting your content.

    Exploring your competitors’ followers may introduce you to new people to follow and engage with. You may want to look at this yourself or use a tool who will analyse this for you. Tools can easily and quickly analyse the following of another twitter user, then allow you to block follow the accounts you wish.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.



    Sourav Basak

    Namaste UI

  2. When i check tweets of a popular person, it’s usually like 120 tweets / 300 tweets / 420 tweets in the past 1 hour. I am sure that these people are not manually typing all these tweets. I wonder though,
    1. What mechanism have they approached to tweet hundreds of tweets per hour?
    2. And Do they copy paste the older tweets to increase tweet count?
    Thanks if someone could please answer

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  4. I like the blog millionaire I’m a fashion blogger and I use twitter to build a list and direct them back to my website I find people love people that are similar to them great video πŸŽ₯ blog millionaire

  5. This video about making a list is simpleπŸ™Œ I’m a hip hop artist and use Twitter and everything he is talking about liking other people hashtags brings traffic back to your page .


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