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What Are The Pros and Cons of Hiring A Real Estate Agent?

What Are The Pros and Cons of Hiring A Real Estate Agent?
Are realtors useless? Are there really ANY benefits of using a real estate agent to buy or sell a property? For most, their home is the biggest and largest asset…

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Bryan Casella


  1. Well said Bryan the issue that comes up for me is trying to get a full 6% commission with all these discount brokers offering full service all over the TV & internet now. In California i bet 6% is hard to get.

  2. Yo bryan, what's up! I'm a new real estate agent, just starting out, super pumped, learning and in contact with a super prestigious agent fortunately enough (not my broker or agency, but I talk to her frequently).
    In portugal where I'm from, there are no MLSs (there's one being constructed now but it's not common practice) so the online exposure of houses is done the same way, be it a realtor or a FSBO, just your common websites. So the strongest argument there is to be made, house exposure to the market, is not quite as literal as it is in NA. Having this in mind, what I usually try to focus on is the services and the study of the areas that I can provide for the client, that they wouldn't do. Is this the right way to go about it and how could I improve on it?
    Also there is 2 types of contracts, open (can list with multiple agencies and the owner can sell alone) and exclusive (only the 1 realtor contracted can promote the house). So most people want an open contract, even tho it's actually the same thing as no contract because no realtor is going to invest in a house that they're not sure they'll sell. I'm working for exclusives only but it's not easy! I guess it's not much of a question just exposing different realities and that I have to think a lot about what you usually say and adapt it to my market!
    Anyway, thanks for all the great content, I love it and you're trully an inspiration!


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