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What’s Better than Zillow Leads for Real Estate Agents?

What’s Better than Zillow Leads for Real Estate Agents?
WHAT’S BETTER THAN ZILLOW LEADS FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS? Is being a Zillow Premier Agent really worth it? Are the real estate leads high quality, …

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  1. We used Zillow and we got minimal leads for $200/month, not one converted, another agent in our office was $250/month for same area and got the better leads, Zillow is trying to put us out of business.

  2. We've never used Zillow. We've just never felt compelled too. Especially since following your program. We go get them by calling the owners. Thanks for all your help and guidance Ricky.

  3. I'm worried I'll get blasted but I actually subscribe to buyer leads from Zillow and had what I would consider a decent amount of success working those leads. (I believe somewhere between 4-6x ROI). Small market area so the cost of leads wasn't too high compared to the business it was generating. With the recent changes I'm concerned that my ROI is starting to drop but am still evaluating the numbers to decide if it is still worth the exposure/investment. You hit the nail on the head with how to be successful… you have to have systems in place to contact them and you MUST NURTURE online leads. To roll online leads into a philosophy you subscribe to, the most success I've had with them is by showing them I care vs trying to get them to purchase right away.

  4. Never again, that’s my experience trying Zillow leads. I tried them first thing when I started real estate. I learned one valuable lesson from doing them. It’s doesn’t how much you pay for leads, real estate is luck based and it didn’t matter if I called five hundred leads. Someone else could knock say for example ten doors and get a seller lead. You just never know when you’ll find a lead, so don’t bother buying them.

  5. Zillow is the WORST app for buyers ever. It is hopelessly out of date and never reflects actual inventory available for sale. Numbers of times i found homes on Zillow only to find they were under contract on Realtor.com and not available. I removed it from my phone because it sucked so bad. Obviously this is irrelevant for RE agents. Not.


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