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  1. At 2:50mins. – 2:58mins that is exactly how I was taught about money! Im an adult now(40). But when I was younger…as teenager. My parents taught those exact things about money! THANK YOU for making this video!! I will change my mindset on making alot of money!
    P.s. Im a sales agent. I sell Timeshares.

  2. Hey Coach,
    Thank you for sharing. Growing up in the rural SOUTH, I have heard some of those same sayings…Money doesn't grow on trees….Its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into the kingdom of heaven….store up your riches in heaven and not here on earth…..rich people are cheaters and bad people….In all transparency I know that I have work to do to change that indoctrination. I am up for the challenge!!!!

  3. I used to have a scarcity mind set and that Money is the root of all evil. My wife believes the same. I remember Robert Kiosaki saying: There are 2 money problems: Having no Money and Having too much.

    Now I believe in abundance and I am focused on having the problem of getting to have too much money.

  4. Great video! So many things resonated with me especially the scarcity upbringing. Btw I agree with your opinion regarding the health insurance scam. Glad everything went well with your surgery!!

  5. Wow …. Kevin this really hit home love how you connected to the emotions in my heart I didn't even know about …. I want that peace of mind so my kids and my parents will be taken care of that is why I money is important!!!!
    Thank you

  6. Life…trying to start a business…medical issues can deplete your savings and make you broke even though you have the right mindset and habits. Work smart, try to avoid as much debt as possible, focus a decent amount of effort toward activities that make you money, commit to save a percentage of what you earn and then re-commit and increase that percentage each year. Surround yourself with people that have an abundance mentality.

  7. So true. Money is not everything, but it sure can make your life easier. Mahalo nui (thank you) for this video Kevin. I went to my broker's business meeting earlier to listen to one of our top producer (who happens to be one of the owners also), and he also inspired me. Then I saw this video, and you also inspired me. So today, my mindset is I want a lot more money so I can make my life, my family's life (including parents since we get to spend more time with them) much better in general and be able to quit my part-time job sooner. Btw, wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care.

  8. Kevin, unfortunately, you’re absolutely right. The need to have a significant amount money available for health care reasons because of the health care system (or lack of) has been a HUGE issue for my wife and I. I’m from Canada and my wife is from England. We’ve been living the the states for 7 years and, needless to say, we don’t have these issues there.

    Long story short, for the last 2 years we’ve been with Liberty HealthShare which is a Christian non-profit health sharing ministry. It is not Insurance and there is no network. Ultimately, Liberty pays the actual COST of health care according to a legal limit (schedule) depending on which state you live in. We’ve had bills that were $7k negotiated down to $300.

    For my entire family I pay $499/mo and the sharebox amount (which is like the annual deductible) is $2,500 then my entire family (not each member) is covered up to $1M.

    Praying for healing of your throat. Writing my AZ RE exam next week and have your training! God bless! ✌🏽

  9. great content thanks Kelvin Money helps you not to be bullied by other people ,helps take care of the most important people family, helps take care of community , helps us to serve God more effectively and also have some fun and comfort. Whoever says money is bad they dont know where to shop for clothes

  10. Loved the water example … the special thing about you i saw in other videos too you moreover share your own story or past experience or create a perfect example … keep doing it that makes difference

  11. I've always had a problem with scarcity when it comes to money. I've read all of the latest books about positive affirmation and changing my mindset about money. And it works too, until my husband pulls me down from my cloud and reminds me that "time with family is more important than making money" or "we don't have enough money to do…" You see, my husband was raised with the same ideas about money that I was. He's my constant reminder of how we don't have enough money.

  12. Kevin….thanks for an excellent video! Can relate to growing up with a scarcity mentality….had to break that stranglehold and still working on it. An idea for a follow-up video…..what changes did you make in mindset and manner of life that helped you overcome it? What helped you break free from it? Thanks again!

  13. Great Reminder! I had a friend in Boston who has fabulously wealthy clients remind me that if you are a miserable person, money is just going to make you a rich miserable person. But oh how wonderful to be a happy, whole person with money. All the good you can do!!!

  14. One of my goals and dreams of my mom was for her to visit Alaska, I remember her talking about this all through my childhood. I was able to make this happen working a 9-5. I only imagine all I can do when I dive full force in my Real Estate Business.


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