Desire Shareable Content? Here Are 7 Handy Tips

When you take the time to create a piece of content, you don’t want it to be read only by those who happened to land on your website. Ideally, you’d like to create something which people want to share, meaning your reach will expand dramatically without you needing to take further action.

So, how do you produce content that encourages people to share it with others? Let’s take a quick look at 7 easy tips.

#1 – Focus on Stories

Dry, bland content isn’t going to be shared by anyone. Instead, you want to create content that is relatable, and often that means telling stories in one way or another. If you have a story which is both interesting and highlights the advantages of working with your agency, you’ve got everything you need for a great blog post.

#2 – Headlines Matter!

Don’t write an excellent blog post and then publish it to your site with a forgettable title. Take a moment to think about the message of the post and create a headline that is accurate and entices the audience to learn more.

#3 – Make Life Easy

When a reader of one of your articles reaches the end of the page and wants to share the post with others, it should be easy for them to do so. Prominently place sharing buttons which link to the various popular social media platforms. If it’s too hard to figure out how to share the article, most people will simply give up and move on. Remember, by sharing, they are doing you a favor – so you want to remove as many roadblocks as possible.

#4 – Speak to Emotions

One sure-fire way to get readers to share your posts is to trigger an emotional reaction. Maybe it’s a story about someone who has finally been able to buy their first home, or some other kind of feel-good story. People are always looking for good news, so sharing some could make for a popular post.

#5 – Monitor Traffic Patterns

What kinds of real estate posts seem to be getting shares in your local market? Take those patterns into account and do your best to produce articles which are along the same lines. If you see that particular kinds of posts tend to fall flat more often than not, don’t waste your time on those subjects.

#6 – Provide Value

Yes – you are giving away content for free as part of your overall marketing strategy. No – that does not mean you should simply toss up 500-word articles which are void of any meaning or purpose. You should always try to provide value for your audience, regardless of whether they are paying for the information or not. And, of course, valuable content is far more likely to be shared than useless fluff pieces.

#7 – Present a Nice Visual

The words that you place on the page are the most important piece of the content puzzle, but you also should focus on making sure the page looks nice. Add relevant images, keep paragraphs relatively short, and use a font style/size which are easy to read. Again, it’s all about serving your audience and giving them a good reason to share your posts with others.