Hate Writing Your Listings? These 7 Tips Will Help

There is a lot that goes into getting a home up for sale on the market. You need to have your clients get the house in market-ready condition, you need to have photos taken, and you need to handle all the behind-the-scenes paperwork. Also, you need to write the copy which will be attached to the listing.

For many agents, it is this last piece that presents a significant stumbling block. If you tend to run into trouble when trying to craft a quality listing, please keep the seven points listed below in mind.

#1 – No Mistakes

A real estate listing is not a long piece of copy, so there is no reason for grammatical or spelling errors to be present. Take the time to quickly review your work and make sure the content is clean and ready to go.

#2 – Get into the Details

It’s very likely that the potential buyer is going to look at the photos of the property before reading your description. Knowing that to be the case, use the description to highlight specific details which may not be obvious in the pictures. Is the master bedroom bigger than it looks? Does the kitchen have tons of storage? Highlight specific points that are likely to appeal to buyers.

#3 – Moderate Your Language

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to show off by using fancy language and big words. Keep it simple, as you don’t know exactly who is going to be reading the listing, and what their level of education may be.

#4 – Create a Powerful Opener

The first sentence has the ability to draw the reader in and encourage them to finish the description. Focus extra attention on the first sentence or two and make sure you are giving the audience plenty of reason to keep reading.

#5 – Outline the Next Step

When writing any kind of copy, you should never assume that the reader knows what to do next. Once someone is convinced that this home is worth a closer look, what should they do? Include a clear ‘call to action’ to make sure there is no doubt on how to proceed.

#6 – Expand Your View

The property itself is only part of what you are selling. You are also selling the location, meaning what the buyer will have access to when they move into the home. With that in mind, make sure you take some time in your listing to talk about the positive aspects of living in this specific location. Are there great parks nearby? Places to eat, or shop? Maybe there is easy access to the freeway for commuters, or an excellent community with events and a family atmosphere. Think about what it is that draws people to this spot and sell that within your listing.

#7 – Be Real

As a real estate agent, you will do more harm than good to your own cause if your listings are not forthcoming and accurate. You don’t want to draw people out to see a home only to have them find that it is not what they expected. Obviously, you are going to paint a positive picture with your words, but keep it realistic at the same time.