Home Buyers – How to Find the Perfect Home

The one big question that most home buyers ask is how to find the perfect home. It seems that with the thousands of homes that are on the market in any local area, it can be extremely difficult to find the right home for you. This is why so many buyers decide to use a real estate professional as part of their home buying process. Good real estate agents know their market area very well, the values, the homes currently available and the process of the real estate contract like the back of their hand. Of course, not every real estate agent is great but there are many who are more than willing to help you and will do a wonderful job.

The key to working with a real estate agent is to be very clear on your desires and your expectations. You need to explain thoroughly to the agent what you want in your new home. If you are negotiable on certain points, make sure to tell your agent that. For instance, if you tell them that you want a four bedroom home but you would really settle for a three bedroom if it’s the right house, your agent needs to know that. Otherwise you will be missing out on many homes that you might have considered. You also need to be clear about why you want certain things. For example, if you want a basement for extra storage then you might not realize that a large attic space would work just as well. This is why it is important to sit down with your real estate professional and go over all of your wants and needs.

Your agent will probably also recommend that you get prequalified with a mortgage lender before you start any of the process. This is very good advice because you need to know what price range you qualify for, what kind of loan program you will be using and how much of a down payment you’re going to need. Also, listing agents and sellers will want to see your prequalification letter before allowing you to put their home under contract.

There are many answers to the question of how to find the perfect home. However, the key to locating the home you will love is being clear on what you want, knowing exactly what you can afford and being open to other possibilities.

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