How to contact sellers in Pre-Foreclosure with EMAIL!

Foreclosures are still to this day one of my favorite types of leads. Join us as Mr. Transactions Engineer shows us why he loves them too. From my experience, the most motivated sellers are the ones where the house is going to foreclosure in the next few weeks. We are typically the only option when it comes to assisting home owners in pre-foreclosure.
It feels great being able to offer solutions to home owners when they’ve exhausted all other options. Real estate investors like us are usually the only people that can bring stability to an emotional and volatile situation like foreclosure.
Today at 12pm noon, Eddie will show us how he’s reaching out and getting a great response by locating pre-foreclosures, researching the names, and sending out an email blast to see if they’d like to sell. I’ve seen him do it and now he’s going to share with you how he does is. At the end, we’ll do our usual Q&A but we’ll have to keep it short as I’m down in Florida with Ron Legrand learning some new tips and secrets so I can bring them back and share with you to help grow your business. Talk soon.
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How to contact sellers in Pre-Foreclosure with EMAIL!