Make a Big Move Online – Try These Tips

Most likely, you already have some type of online presence for your real estate business. You may have a website, or even a Facebook page. That’s a good start, but you may not be getting the kinds of results you had in mind when you first got started with your online venture. Succeeding online is difficult, as there is a ton of competition vying for the same sets of eyes. If you are getting a bit frustrated with your inability to draw attention on the web, consider the tips we have listed below.

Offer Great Content

In many ways, your online marketing efforts are going to be built on solid content. When you present your audience with valuable content to consume on your site or your Facebook page, you are going to gain a number of benefits. First, you’ll be taking this opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in real estate. Also, you may be able to pick up an SEO boost when this content is posted to your website. Finally, you’ll simply be giving people a reason to notice you, which is a big step in the right direction as compared to not posting anything at all.

Of course, it isn’t that easy to just create great content. It takes time and practice, and you’ll need to have reasonable writing skills. If you aren’t sure of your ability to write solid articles, or you just don’t have the time, you may want to consider outsourcing the work to a professional writer. However it gets done, posting great content is the cornerstone of an online marketing strategy.

Tone Down the Sales

You’d love to turn every one of your website visitors or Facebook followers into a client, but that just isn’t going to happen. The idea is to cast a wide net and hope to turn a decent percentage of those who find you on the web into clients. One of the best steps you can take toward improving your number of conversions is actually to tone down the sales talk. Constantly pressuring people into contacting you is a sure way to turn them off. Try providing value without asking anything in return. There is certainly a time and place for pushing your services a little more assertively, but doing so in every message is only going to cause your audience to tune you out.

Mobile Friendly Matters

Think about how your potential clients are going to be viewing your website. Are they always going to be sitting at home, on a desktop or laptop computer? No – probably not. It’s certain that some of your site visitors are going to be on their phones, and that number may even be a majority. Make sure your website features a mobile-friendly design so you can present those visitors on their mobile devices with a quality experience. This might seem like a small point, but you don’t want to turn away any of your potential clients as a result of something so simple and easy to correct.