One Important Real Estate Question

When first getting to know a new client, it is typically the client who is asking most of the questions. He or she will want to know about your fees, your services, your experience, etc. The way you are able to answer those questions is going to go a long way toward determining whether or not you are chosen to serve as their agent for the upcoming purchase or sale.

While you’ll be on the receiving end of most of the questions, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask a couple questions of your own. One of the first questions you should ask seems quite simple but it actually can be a powerful tool as you work to grow your business.

‘How did you get my name’?

Only six words, but the reply is going to tell you volumes about your marketing efforts. Did this prospective new client learn about you on the web, or were they referred by a previous client? Maybe they drove by another property which was for sale and saw your name on the sign. Whatever the case, learning how each of your clients came to know about you is going to help tremendously moving forward.

It’s a good idea to keep track of your lead generation results so you can refine your process moving forward. If it seems that you are getting decent results from online marketing efforts, it might be worth stepping up your efforts in that area in the hopes of growing even further. Or, if simple referrals are your biggest driver, make sure to keep asking for referrals from previous clients to keep this channel flowing nicely.

Eliminate the Waste

No business wants to waste money. It would be a shame to waste your hard-earned dollars – not to mention your time – on advertising channels that are simply not bringing you any kind of return. This is another reason that asking clients where they first learned of your services is so important. By tracking the answers, you can cut out the parts of your marketing that don’t seem to be yielding any results.

For instance, imagine that you have been buying advertising on the web, as well as in some local print publications. While you will hear from time to time that a new client found you thanks to your online ads, you never seem to hear the same about the print ads. Although they’ve been running for a while, it doesn’t appear that any new business is coming your way. That being the case, your choice would be an easy one – discontinue the print ads and focus your efforts on the channel that is bringing you actual results.

In addition to the practical benefit of learning where your clients are coming from, asking this easy question is also a good way to get the conversation going. As an agent, you should always be trying to develop relationships with your clients, so engaging them in conversation right from the start is a great step to get the ball rolling.