Post-Closing Photo Shoots Serve in Two Ways

Typically, when it comes to real estate pictures, the focus is placed on those which are taken for the listing. These are the ‘money shots’, as they are the ones which are going to hopefully draw potential buyers out to see the property in person. Great listing photos alone aren’t going to sell a house, but they are an important step in that direction.

So, are you done taking pictures once you’ve put together a quality listing? Not necessarily. There is a growing trend of taking photos after closing, when everything is said and done, and the property has changed hands. Why would you bother spending time – and money – on this idea? There are two very good reasons to give it careful consideration.

It’s a Great Gift

As a real estate agent, you should always be looking for great ways to do nice things for your clients. By doing something that your client appreciates, you leave a positive memory that should help you earn their repeat business later on – and they may even refer you to others. Having professional photos taken after closing will give you something that you can provide to your clients as a token of appreciation. If you’d like, you can even have the best photo framed and present it to them ready to go up on a wall.

The Power of Social

From a marketing perspective, post-closing photos are a great idea thanks to the power of social media. As an agent, you can post the photos to your page (with your client’s permission, of course), to show that you have closed another deal successfully. Also, it’s likely that the clients themselves will want to post the photos to their own social media accounts, furthering the reach of this little project. Suddenly, you will have placed photos that prove you were able to close a real estate deal to the satisfaction of your clients circulating in various places around the web. That’s sure to be good for business in the long run.

Do It Right

While you could certainly just take a couple pictures with your phone while your clients stand in front of their new home, it’s better to work with a professional to capture high-quality shots. Since you should already have photographer connections thanks to the listing images that you take for each home, it will be easy to book a quick session for some post-closing celebrations. This kind of session shouldn’t take long, meaning it will be rather affordable, and you can consider the expense to be an investment in the future of your business.

Including post-closing photo shoots as part of your standard real estate operation procedure is certainly not necessary, but it is a nice step to take. Your clients are likely to appreciate the professional photos which capture a big moment in their lives, and you can benefit from the marketing boost that this service provides.