Real Estate Agents: Here’s How to Revive Your Lagging Social Media Presence

Using social media to promote yourself as a Real Estate Agent can be intimidating. If you aren’t already an avid social media user – or even if you are – you may not be comfortable using platforms like Facebook to attract clients and grow your business. Of course, it would be worth your time and effort to build up your comfort level, since so many people are active on social media on a daily basis. You need to go where your potential clients spend time if you want to win in the marketing world, and most people spend time on social media.

But what if you haven’t used your social media accounts in a long time? How do you get started? We’ve provided some simple tips below.

Just Log In

It all starts by logging back into your account and seeing how everything stands. You might have been intimidated to do this, thinking that so much will have changed, but you’ll probably be surprised by how familiar things look. Sure, the interface may be a bit different, but the general outline of how things work in the social media world will be as it was when you left.

Update Yourself

Before you start engaging with anyone else, make sure all of the information on your profile is accurate and up-to-date. For instance, if you now work for a different agency than was the case the last time you logged on, be sure to include the right information so you can be located easily. If it’s been a particularly long time, you may even want to upload a new profile picture to accurately represent your appearance.

Get the Ball Rolling

Your first activities on Facebook and other social media sites after a long absence don’t need to be complicated or overtly promotional. In fact, the best thing to do is just get started by making some comments, ‘liking’ some posts or pictures, and generally interacting with others. After all, it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. Engage yourself with the community first and foremost and worry about marketing efforts later.

Make a Content Plan

After a period of time goes by, you will feel that you are back up and running in the social media world, and things will no longer be so intimidating. At this point, you can put together a plan for how you are going to market yourself consistently on social media platforms or go here to have us help!. Publishing content is one great way to do just that. For instance, you could publish articles on the conditions of the local market, new housing developments in the area, moving tips, and many other topics. Make a plan, put together a schedule, and then execute consistently.

Getting back into the world of social media really doesn’t need to be a scary experience. The key is to take it slow and not expect immediate results from your marketing efforts. This is a long-term process, and it is one that you should hope will pay off over time. Make social media marketing a regular part of what you do and it’s likely you’ll see results in the end.